Trump and Greitens Use Similar Bully Tactics

After the Honorable Sally Yates pushed back against the Trump administration's immigration executive order, a White House statement was released saying "[Yates] has betrayed the Department of Justice," and with that Trump fired her.

In Jefferson City earlier this week, the Missouri Senate heard HCR 4, which would have given elected officials an opportunity to raise their pay. After seven hours of debate, rule confusion, and Governor Greitens holding "personal meetings" with Sens. Hoskins and Wieland in Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard’s office, they voted 25-2 rejecting the pay increase.

After the vote, Greitens tweeted:

On top of this public shaming, it came out that the Governor used his personal meetings to "intimidate" senators. 

From the KC Star

State Sen. Paul Wieland, a Jefferson County Republican, said he didn’t think the governor treated him with respect during their meeting.

“Intimidation is probably the best word,” Wieland said, later adding: “I felt insulted.”

State Sen. Denny Hoskins, a Warrensburg Republican, called the tone of his meeting “tense.”

Sen. Holsman said Greitens’ lobbying tactics went too far. 

“I take offense, and every senator should take offense, that he was up here trying to intimidate and insult senators to get a result on a vote,” Holsman said. “Governor, please respect the Senate.”

He apparently even called Republican senators "dumb."

 So here we are. A governor who is blurring the lines between branches of government with no sense of decorum, and deigns disagreements a "betrayal." Sounds eerily familiar.

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