Suspect Circumstances Surrounding Greitens Private Jet Travel

Last month, Missouri's Gov. Eric Greitens made it clear he was going to travel in a private plane instead of "on the taxpayer's dollar" in the state plane.

Since then, he has released hardly any information about how his trips will be financed.

Greitens’ senior adviser Austin Chambers says campaign funds were used to pay for a recent commercial airplane flight to Washington.

-Associated Press

It hasn't gone unnoticed, and when asked about it the Governor's office won't comment on the campaign funded trips.

Several Democrats also questioned the governor’s use of private planes instead of the state plane. Though praised for eschewing the use of state funds to travel around the state and country, lawmakers had concerns regarding the transparency of who exactly was funding his private plane use at a House Budget hearing Wednesday. A representative from his office was tight-lipped on that count.

“I have no information on that,” Greitens’ Chief of Staff Michael Roche said. “It’s not something that the Governor’s Office would have or retain.”

-Missouri Times

The Post-Dispatch recently found out who owns the private plane the Governor has been using. Turns out, it's owned by a "St. Joseph-based company that operates newspapers and television stations from Missouri to California."

Greitens’ senior advisor, Austin Chambers, said the flights were arranged through a charter agreement that had nothing to do with the media company.

“We didn’t know that beforehand,” Chambers said of the plane’s ownership. “It was no relation to them. It was a typical lease arrangement.”

NPG Chairman and CEO David Bradley said Thursday that NPG leases the plane when it is not being used on company business.

In similar cases, Bradley said he often does not know who flies on the company jet.

In the case of the flights by Greitens, the plane was leased to a private party, Bradley said.

“He did not pay us a single nickel,” said Bradley, whose company also owns a Columbia television station.

Bradley has also donated to Greitens' campaign

Also of note, the St. Joseph News-Press, owned by David Bradley, was one of the only papers in the state to endorse Greitens during his campaign for governor.

For someone who ran as an "outsider who wants to clean up Jefferson City," Greitens is so far, adding to the muck.

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