Time to Pass #MONA16

Today, the State Senate’s Committee on Progress and Development held its first hearing of the year on the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA). Sen. Joe Keaveny (D-St. Louis) filed the legislation that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Good Things ARE Happening: Mic Drop Edition

When the Missouri legislature is in session, it’s easy to focus on the negative and give in to cynicism. But before you start shuffling around the house muttering to yourself about the logistics of moving to Canada, let's take a moment and reflect on a few good things that have happened in Jeff City recently. You might even crack a smile.

Rowden Wants to Have His Ethics Reform Cake and Eat It Too

A well-documented lobbyist gift-taker, Rep. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia), sponsored half-baked ethics legislation that was passed by the Missouri House today

He bragged about it on twitter...

Rowden Pulls an Eddie Haskell on Ethics Reform

Today, Rep. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) gave us his best Eddie Haskell impersonation as he testified before a committee on ethics reform. Rowden spoke on behalf of two of his ethics reform bills, trying hard to give the appearance of a champion for reform, fighting for fairness and transparency.

3 Dumb Things that Happened This Week

The legislature was in session for all of two(!) days, and it managed to produce three things that just might signal we’re all in for a very ridiculous few months.

2016 Missouri Legislative Session Bill Preview Part 2

Today, we’re highlighting legislation targeting Missouri women’s access to health care, denying rights for LGBT citizens, and weakening Missouri’s already-lax gun safety laws. If you missed Part 1, find it here.

Blunt, Rowden & Basye Celebrate Food Bank After Voting for Cuts

On the last day of 2015, Senator Roy Blunt proudly visited the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri with local elected tagalongs Rep.s Chuck Basye and Caleb Rowden of Columbia.

Columbia-area Rep. Caleb Jones: I "wouldn't send my dog [to Mizzou]"

This morning, Mizzou alum and Columbia-area Rep. Caleb Jones had a little tantrum about his alma mater. Jones is apparently still huffy about last semester’s #ConcernedStudent1950 protests, and is now helping to lead the charge of 100+ GOP colleagues in attempting to put Missouri’s flagship university in its place by demanding the termination of two mid-level employees.

2016 Missouri Legislative Session Bill Preview Part 1

Since prefiling started on December 1, around 800 bills have been filed in the legislature. We sifted through them to find the disastrous bills our elected officials hoped you wouldn’t see. Today, we’re highlighting legislation targeting Missouri workers, making voting more difficult for thousands of Missourians, and a bizarre bill that withholds funding from public education as retribution.

Updated: Lobbyist Gifts Ranking (Jan 2015-Nov 2015)

Lobbyist gift data for November 2015 is now available via the Missouri Ethics Commission. Here are your updated rankings of gift takers in the House and Senate January 2015-October 2015.

We've ranked elected officials by the amount they have taken personally. The second number represents how much staff and family members have taken as reported to the MEC.



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