2016 Missouri Legislative Session Bill Preview Part 1

Since prefiling started on December 1, around 800 bills have been filed in the legislature. We sifted through them to find the disastrous bills our elected officials hoped you wouldn’t see. Today, we’re highlighting legislation targeting Missouri workers, making voting more difficult for thousands of Missourians, and a bizarre bill that withholds funding from public education as retribution.

Anti-Worker Bills

This month, there have already been 30+ bills with disastrous implications for working Missourians. Among these are ALEC’s so-called “right to work,” paycheck deception, and bills undermining the prevailing wage. ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, pushes a pro-corporate special interest agenda through model bills, for our legislators to push onto us.

“Right to Work”- HB 1462 (Burlison), HB 1701 (Lant), HB 1702 (Lant), SB 667 (Brown)

Paycheck Deception- HB 1407 (White), HB 1891 (Rehder), SB 599 (Brown)

Prevailing Wage- HB 1406 (White), HB 1699 (Lant), HB 1700 (Lant), HB 1880 (Lant), HB 1931 (Love), SB 598 (Brown), SB 606 (Sater)

Voter ID Bills

Legislators are re-introducing bills to undermine the right to vote. Republicans are relying on the myth of voter id fraud as cover for their attempt to make voting difficult for Missourians. Restricting the types of IDs Missourians can use to vote undermines the very nature of our democracy.

Voter ID Legislation: HB 1631 (Alferman), HJR 53 (Dugger), SB 594 (Kraus), SJR 20 (Kraus)

Then there is this bill from Rep. Warren Love…

Like a lot of other Missourians, Rep. Love enjoys the annual state fair. But Love stands alone when that appreciation is used as a political tool that risks funding for schools. HB 1636 prohibits school funding from any public school that holds classes during the Missouri state fair….yes you read that correctly….

If a school in Columbia or Arnold chooses to hold classes during a fair held in Sedalia, the school will be forced to shut down due to a lack of funding...the implications of this bill threaten our children's’ ability to learn and thousands of Missouri jobs.

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